Our Story

The goal of Mercy House International, Inc. (MHI) is to provide hope, healing and restoration to at-risk womena nd their childrean. The ministry of the nonprofit began July 2010 and, since that time, MHI has successfully operated two safe homes in the Willamette Valley. Over time, a significant number of women and their children were transitioned to a new independence with freedom from oppression. Beginning in 2019, MHI re-focused its mission. The safe homes were closed and other programs already in existence were enhanced to provide financial help for a wider variety of situations. 

Referrals of women at risk are from a variety of sources, including churches, county courts, DHS and law enforcement agencies as well as by private citizens.

    The entire inventory of the 1st Hand Seconds Unique Boutique, which includes women’s clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories, is received by donation. Many of the items in the inventory are designer brands and there is a lovely collection of classic couture.

    Since its inception, 1st Hand Seconds Boutique has encouraged volunteerism in the community and we continue to welcome others with a heart for ministry. The programs supported and organized by 1st Hand Seconds are as follows:

    • Mercy House
    • Mercy’s Closet
    • Marcy Garage
    • Benevolence Fund
    • “Her Journey” A 15-week class for victims and survivors of domestic violence and abuse
    • Local resources to handle the mistreated

    “Remember also those being mistreated, as if you felt their pain in your own bodies” -Hebrews 13:3

    Our Mission

    “Mercy House International, Inc. is a bible-based, nonprofit ministry dedicated to the renewal of women and their children suffering from domestic abuse. We encourage the search for strength through a relationship with Jesus Christ, the Son of God. We believe that the healing hand of God will minister and deliver them from bondage to freedom in the Father’s loving arms.


    1st Hand Seconds / Chic-ee Chic-ee Bridal Boutiquee Customer

    Benevolence Fund Recipient

    Former Resident of Mercy House:

    …I was grasping for straws…not working at the time…DHS said I would be put on a waiting list… I would be left destitute for a month.  Mercy House was a huge blessing for my son and I…Mercy House became home for us.

    Because of stress and other factors, I had lost weight and all my professional clothes were too big for me…MH gave me a gift certificate so I could buy professional clothes and look the part, once again. That was a huge boost for my self-confidence…as I was regaining confidence and regaining a feeling of self-worth, it showed in my son also.

    We have been blessed beyond belief during this time of tragedy in our lives. With the donations that came in whether it is food, toilet paper, laundry soap…those little things in life…it’s a huge blessing…it’s something you don’t want to take it for granted. The love and kindness … the people of MH have shown. I don’t know where my child and I would be if we didn’t have the love and support of the people at Mercy House. We have been blessed a hundred times over and I’m very grateful for that and all the opportunities that have come since then.

    Former Resident of Mercy House:

    I will start with the truth that I know, without a doubt, that God is good. The truth that I learned when I was just a little girl and that truth is that Jesus loves us, loves each one of us so very, very much. When I heard about MH we were in big need of a safe place, an escape from the nightmare our daily lives had become. So much pain we had endured and too much seen and heard by my precious children. We needed to get out, not by coincidence, but by “God incidence” as a friend said…she told me about MH…one week later we were moving in MH! We were so grateful and I will always be grateful.

    99% of the people I know, did not know the truth of what was going on behind the doors of our home… because of alcohol I slowly watched my husband become someone I no longer knew, things really escalated over the summer…and it became clear we could no longer live the way we were…with the help of MH we had a soft, welcoming place to land…I knew God had a plan for us, and I just had to trust, and every day I choose to trust…our God is good and there’s a lot of restoring and healing to be done, but I know God is capable if we are willing. I’m excited and sometimes fearful, but then I trust again and I’m excited to see what God has in store from my family…

    Former Resident of Mercy House

    I was a wife and mother of three, dedicated to my family, my work, an employee of a major engineering consulting firm…I had a good job; I had everything, and nowhere to go but up.  People trusted me and cared about me, little did I know my life was about to change.  My husband at the time, who I trusted with my very life, proved to be untrustworthy.  He lied to just the right people and I lost everything, everything, I lost my home, my children, all my finances and savings, we had saved jointly for many years and it was gone in the blink of an eye.  I was homeless because of these lies… I was going from home to home; staying with friends…then I learned that I was never going to go back to the place I called home ever again… I found myself wondering what I would do next…  I reached out to friends and they told me there was hope! And a place that I could go, a place that I’d be welcomed! And I couldn’t believe it; I didn’t think such places existed for someone like me!  That’s when I became familiar with Mercy House.

    I never saw myself as someone who was being abused or in need of such help.  Suddenly…I was a woman very much in need, without a home; with her children taken away from her for no reason!  After coming to Mercy House, I could start working on getting my life back together again and it gave me hope, because it was a clean environment, that I could be proud of and also a safe place where I could make my plans for the future… I could begin again, I could move forward, God knew that I needed that and I needed someone who would be there and listen to me… Since that time God has provided me with a place of my own, furnishings, clothing. If it wasn’t for Mercy House I wouldn’t have any clothing, I had a suitcase full of a few items, some summer clothing. But I was never allowed to go back home, what I called home, to get the rest of my clothing or any of my belongings.  Because of Mercy House I was able to get the clothing and necessities I needed, that helped me to get back into my children’s lives, to fight for my children, for our freedom from abuse and oppression. I’m so thankful for that…I thank God, I’m no longer bound and oppressed…and now walk forward in newness of life! It’s truly been a gift and I thank God for the time I spend at Mercy House…I look forward to seeing how many other peoples’ lives  will be change by the ministry of Mercy House. Thank you.

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